We Provide Solutions
We Provide Solutions

The fourth image in our logo represents the pieces of a puzzle coming together – a solution.

Solutions are more than completed tasks. In fact, solutions are such rich and multifaceted things that a single quip or tagline can never explain all that goes into producing one.

For example, solutions require an understanding of a business process at minimum, but an understanding of the business and industry itself can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of a project.

Solutions must be optimized and balanced between “the here and now”, and “the road ahead”. A project that finds itself “coded into a corner” may get off the ground, only to crash and burn at the worst possible time. Likewise, being too ambitious up front may keep a project from getting off the ground at all. The challenge and skill is in knowing how to deliver on short term goals, while laying the groundwork for longer term solutions.

Solutions require an understanding of people too. For example, there tends to be a fundamental disconnect between the mind of the programmer, and the mind of the entrepreneur. The programmer sees the technical requirements, while sometimes missing the big picture.  The entrepreneur has vision, but no patience for details. We have an appreciation for these different strengths and weaknesses, and know how to communicate with all the roles and personality styles associated with a project. Sometimes our consulting work is as important as the technical skill and labor we bring to the relationship.

Of course most customers would say they don’t have communication issues between the technical teams and executive leadership.  Everything is just fine, and there is no need or room for improvement.  This is surely true in many organizations, but one thing is certain. What one thinks is true does not determine what is true.  So, because MSC focuses on a real solution, we think about the business process, the technical solutions, the short term goals, the road map, and the people.

The point is that MSC Software Solutions takes into account everything that can add value to, or subtract value from a project, and a solution.  Whether the question is about industry, technology, process, or people, we consider all the factors and work diligently to raise the performance level and unity of the team, and the value of the solution.

Problems are real. Solutions can be too.